Best 2000 Watt Portable Generator: ALLPOWERS Monster X Review

In this article, we will be walking you through the ALLPOWERS Monster X, which is considered the best 2000 Watt portable generator.

Portable generators are used to supply power to the equipment you can’t live without in times of a power outage or when power is not available easily. 

And while most generators use gas to power the alternator, the Monster X is different. It uses an electric battery to store energy, making it perfect for indoor use. 

We tested the Monster X 2000 watt generator to find out if it lives up to the hype. Spoiler alert… it did.

Below you’re going to learn what the best portable 2000 watt generator provides, what you can use it for, and why you need it in your life.

If this sounds like the kind of stuff you’re looking for, keep reading; you will not be disappointed!


What Is The Best Portable 2000 Watt Generator?

ALLPOWERS Monster X generator changed the way people look at generators. 

You see, unlike most people’s idea of generators, this portable generator runs from a lithium battery. 

This means no gas is used, and no harmful gases are produced; making this generator perfect for indoor use.

And to make things better:

It’s lighter than your average generator due to its compact design while remaining easy to carry with its strong handles. Not only is it more lightweighted, but it provides the same power output as a standard wall socket.

The Monster X holds a 1,700Wh capacity, but what does this mean?

It means you can power your devices for hours on end without running out of juice. With this portable generator, you’ll never be left without power, even if the worst happens.

Its high-capacity battery pack and inverter has pushed the Monster X into the category of the best portable 2000 Watt generators, and it’s hard to argue against it.

Because of the battery’s high-capacity and multiple sockets, the Monster X generator can power up to 11 devices simultaneously. And to make things better:

It can all be controlled from the mobile app… pretty cool, right?

Before we take a more in-depth look into the features, let’s run a quick overview of the specs.

ALLPOWERS Monster X Input and Output Ports

  • It has 4 AC outlets which provide 2000 Watts
  • Weighs 12 kg
  • It comes with 6 USB outlets
  • Uses Tesla’s lithium battery
  • It can charge in three ways
    • 12V DC solar panel
    • 100W AC power
    • 200W DC input 

LCD display

  • LCD screen shows essential information
    • Battery level
    • Estimated time left
    • Port usage indication
    • And much more


These are just some of the Monster X portable generator features, but coming up is what makes the generator really special.

ALLPOWERS Monster X’s Best Features 

We’ve already covered some of the features that make the Monster X the best portable 2000 Watt generator. But, there are a few more things that really spice it up. So, let’s take a look at what makes this generator special.

It Has A Strong Structure

Portable generators can take a bit of a beating due to them being moved around regularly and being used outdoor. This means for it to survive, it needs to have a strong structure.

2000W best portable generator structure

And that’s what you get with the Monster X generator. They use aluminum alloy to reinforce the battery and keep it safe.

But wait, it gets better:

On top of the alloy casing, the Monster X uses ABS+ plastic, which is known for its high tensile strength and resistance to impact and chemical corrosion.

Perfect for protecting the generator from potential battery acid leaks and adverse weather conditions.

What does this mean?

Well, it means you don’t have to worry about the durability of the generator. 

It Has An Extremely High-Capacity

As mentioned earlier, the Monster X portable generator uses a 1700Wh, 429,650 mAh battery capable of powering most appliances.

This allows the generator to power things like your fridge, ice cooler, and much more (keep reading to find out what else the generator can power). 

With the Monster X, you can rest assured you get hours and hours of power on the go without having to worry about losing energy. 

MPPT Technology 

With the addition of MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology, you can guarantee fast and reliable charging from a solar panel.

MPPT is an electronic DC to DC converter which helps match the solar array to the battery bank. 

What does this mean?

It lets the algorithms search for the maximum power point to ensure you get full power from the solar panels.

What Can You Use The Generator For 

You can use the Monster X portable generator to power many appliances, which you’ll be able to check out in the table below. But before that, here are three pretty neat uses for the generator:

Charge Electric Cars

This is the prominent feature Monster X likes to boast about, and you can blame them… It’s pretty impressive.

Charge Car

When the portable generator is full, it can add an extra 7.5 miles to your electric car, which could make the difference between getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, or making it to a charging point.

You Can Power CPAP Machines

Relying on electric medical machines can fill you with fear in the case of a power outage. 

Charging CPAP Machines

Just imagine the very machine needed to save a family member’s life loses power; it would be a horrific experience.

With the Monster X generator, you never have to fear because you’ll always have the backup you need.

The old saying plan for the worst and hope for the best comes to mind. And with this generator, you’ll be ready for the worst.

It can power An Electric Saw

The compact and lightweight nature of the generator makes it easy to take it with you anywhere.

charge an electric saw

If you need to use an electric saw in places you don’t get power, this generator can help you. Most electric saws run on 110 volts, which the Monster X Generator is more than capable of providing.

Other Things The Monster X Generator Can Power

As mentioned before, you can use the generator to power several appliances; here’s the table I promised earlier:

Appliance  Run Time
Laptop 44 Hours
Fridge 17.5 Hours
Microwave Oven 1.1 Hours
Smartphone 6.5 Days
Refrigerator  17.5 Hours
Washing Machine 1.25 Hours
Kettle 1 Hour
Ceiling Fan 20 Hours
Computer  6.2 Hours


This table should give you a good idea of what equipment you can use the portable generator with, but it’s not limited to the above.

Honestly, if we listed all the appliances, you’d be here a long time. 

How To Recharge The Monster X

Before you go, we should probably mention how you charge the portable generator. The Monster X portable generator has three methods of charging. 

Each of these methods will get you fully charged within two hours, which stands testament to the portable generator’s quality.

Let’s take a look at the three methods:

200 Watt Solar Power Input

Recharging your Monster X portable generator with solar panels couldn’t be any easier. The generator comes with two universal inputs that meet the general standard required by the market.

Solar Input

They claim that using the solar inputs could fully charge your generator within 6-hours, pretty impressive, right?

Well, it gets better:

The Monster X portable generator is compatible with all types of solar panels, making it very versatile.

The best thing about using solar energy is it’s free and clean, which means no greenhouse gases are produced while using it. If you’re worried about cloudy days, don’t be, solar panels have improved massively and don’t require the sun to be out to gain power.

400 Watt AC Input

Using an AC input comes with some significant advantages, so it’s nice to have the option. AC inputs allow you to modify the voltage using a transformer. Whats does this mean?

AC Input

It basically allows you to change high-voltage current down to a safer level with minimal power loss. The beauty of the Monster X generator is you don’t need an adapter to achieve this.

200 Watt DC input

The advantage of DC is that it can change speeds easier than AC, making it perfect for charging electric cars.

DC Input

You can use direct current more effectively over large distances and store electricity on a smaller scale. 

Final Thoughts

So, by now, you should have all the information you need about the Monster X portable generator. But let’s leave you with a few final thoughts:

ALLPowers Monster X portable generator is extremely powerful for such a compact machine. And due to the generator only weighing 12 Kg, it makes it extremely easy to carry around.

If 2000 watt generator is too large for you, ALLPOWERS also made the smaller ones like 372 Wh portable power station and 666 Wh lithinum battery power pack. Compared to Jackery based on the same output power, ALLPOWERS is the lighter on weight.

But the best thing  for ALLPOWERS Monster X has to be the power it holds; it really does pack a punch. And what makes it even better is being able to run 11 devices from one machine.

We also found the solar charging to be very efficient and made the generator perfect for camping trips when power sources can be limited.

So, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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