Jackery vs ALLPOWERS : Which is The Best Portable Power Station?

Today, I will help you identify the best portable power stations.

However, choosing the right one is not easy. That is why we are here to help you choose the right one. Below we include various comparisons of Jackery and ALLPOWERS portable power stations.

The companies used to manufacture ALLPOWERS and Jackery proof all work well. But ALLPOWERS is the best company that manufactures portable power stations with good quality at affordable price. They provide the best customer care service.

In this article, we will compare Jackery Explorer 500 vs ALLPOWERS 666wh features. We make it easy for you to choose the best one.

ALLPOWERS is the brand you can use, being in the industry for decades and suitable for a solar charger. Jackery is a combined portable power station with a solar panel. Both are best for emergency power backup in case your power goes off.

Let’s dive right in.

Jackery vs ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station Features

1. Battery Capacity

Jackery Explore 500(518Wh/144,400mAh) vs ALLPOWERS 666Wh (666Wh/185,200mAh)

Lithium Battery

ALLPOWERS  has a lithium-ion battery capacity of  185,200mAh, with with 500W rated power and 1000W surge power from the pure sine wave AC port.

Jackery was equipped with lithium-ion battery of 144,400mAh, with 500W rated power and 1000W surge power from the pure sine wave AC port. It provides stable power for a wide range of AC-reliable devices from TVs and many other objects.

The battery capacity of ALLPOWERS are higher than that of Jackery. So if you need higher power, go for the ALLPOWERS 666Wh.

Suppose you compare the power station to the way of the charging.  They are with the same charging ways: AC wall output, carports or optional solar panels.

Both portable lithium battery packs can drive each of the devices for power devices. The battery capacity of the ALLOWERS is more than Jackery and runs for a longer time.

Each of these battery stations provides similar features, ALLPOWERS as one of the best in battery charger. When you consider saving money and time choose ALLPOWERS.

2. Input & Output Ports

ALLPOWERS power house has 3 recharging  input ports: DC 5.5×2.1 mm input port, Anderson power solar input and type-C input port.  And it has 6 charging modes which is including a 12V cigarette light socket, two DC 5.5 x2.5 mm output port, 3 fast-charging USB ports, one Type-C output and 2 AC output ports.

The output of ALLPOWERS portable battery power station must be not exceed 60 watts. Therefore, watts of the device keeps track of the consumption of the output voltage. The features are excellent for a solar panel, which takes less than 8 hours of charging.

Jackery has 2 input ports: solar input port and car input port. And 6 output ports which is including two 12 V DC output port, 1 car output port, 3 USB output port and 1 AC output port.

ALLPOWERS has more charging and recharging ports than Jackery, if you would like to have more input and output options. ALLPOWERS is a better choice for you.

3. Recharging Ways

You have 4 recharging ways to consider:

Start to plug into wall outlet.

Recharge with the type C input port

You can quickly recharge from the ALLPOWERS solar panel using the MC4 to Anderson connector cable.

You can recharge it with your 12V car adapter.

If you are dealing with the power outage, the recharging is the only option for you.

The power station is often used for camping and emergency backup. Both ALLPOWERS and Jackery can power a lamp, phone, laptop, TV, and mini-fridge.

ALLPOWERS  used for boasting 6 output models of 12V cigarette lighter socket and two 12v/15A DC output. ALLPOWERS portable power station, enough power for recharging personal devices. It can refresh for up to 33w. Recharging from ALLPOWERS solar panel, which uses MC4 to Anderson connector cables.

Jackery recharging times vary from different areas, temperature, and weather. The actual time sometimes goes out. The maximum recharging current here is 1 AC (2400 mA). Solar is used to recharge the battery fill up with electricity. Therefore, the battery of your solar will not run solar or turn off due to weather.

If you use the solar, it has to be sunny, or the panel does not make the electricity recharge. You can still use recharge lamps and run fun at night and lights without a problem.


4. Portability (Size & Weight)

ALLPOWERS portable generator is possibly the smallest and lightest power station in the market. If you are looking for a mobile lithium power station, it is right for you.

ALLPOWERS 666Wh portable generator is 5.3KG, while Jackery Explore 500 is 6.04KG.

Each of the power stations is with a built-in handle. The ALLPOWERS  has a folding handle while the handle Explorer 500 has a rigid one,Jackery is more rigorous and well-made.

Regarding to the size, ALLPOWERS 666Wh portable power station is 10.4×5.5x7inch, while Jackery portable power station is 11.8 x 7.6 x 9.2 inch.

If a small and powerful portable power station is in your favor, then ALLPOWERS solar generator is  your first choice.

5. Safety

Both ALLPOWERS and Jackery are safe to use indoors. ALLPOWERS undertakes voltage control and more advanced safety operation. You are guaranteed to ensure complete protection for your device.

This product is zero emissions. Therefore, it does not harm personal health. These features make it stand among the rest. It depends on the techniques of your solar power.

Jackery ensures safety used for powering sensitive devices like phones and laptops. This will not damage your items. However, Jackery does not have built security, which prevents damage during the process. This product protects you from gaining damage when used in your home.

The portable lithium battery pack is safe to keep you healthy. You can efficiently utilize it to coanda effects to avoid producing a lot of smoke. It gives you the safety you need.

6. Recharge Time

The recharge time is different through different recharging mode.

The recharge time for ALLPOWERS 666Wh portable generator, the recharging time is

AC Adpater: 5.6 hours

12V Car Adapter: 16.5 hours

100W ALLPOWERS Solar Panel:11.1 hours

The recharge time for Jackery are as follows:

AC Adapter: 7.5 hours

12V Car adapter: 16 hours

SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel:9.5 hours


What is Included In The Package?

In the ALLPOWERS 666Wh portable power station package, it includes:

  • 1x ALLPOWERS Portable  Power Station
  • 1x AC Wall Charger
  • 1x User Manual

While in the Jackery Explore 500 package, it includes:

  • 1 x Jackery Explore 500
  • 1 x Car charger cable
  • 1x AC adapter
  • 1 x User manual

Compare with Jackery, ALLPOWERS 666Wh portable power station does not come with the car charger adapter. But recharging from car charging port is a very slow recharging way.


ALLPOWERS and Jackery power station offer the best features with innovative technology. But the main difference between both outcomes is ALLPOWERS has a battery capacity of 666Wh than that of Jackery 518Wh.

Though both of them have the similar features and functions.

However, ALLPOWERS is the winner in this list of safety and battery charge.

But if you are looking for a portable power station with car charge adpater, then Jackery maybe your favor.


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